Arrive Alive

The Burbank Police Foundation is committed to the future leaders of our community. The BPF developed a program, along with the local High Schools to bring awareness to attentive driving and anti-drinking and driving. We are committed to putting an end to the tragedies that occur as a result of dangerous behaviors. The program is a powerful presentation and aims to teach the importance of making good choices.

Here are a few testimonials

“The crash car really put things into perspective for me. I am a new driver and it showed me the dangers of distracted driving. My friends and I all get the same way.”  – Ashley Eskander

“Everyone was really interested in wearing and experiencing the drunk goggles. It was an exciting way to bring light to a serious topic. Most people couldn’t successfully make it through the obstacle course which really shows the dangers of driving under the influence.”  – Jessica Reslan

“I thought it was really inspirational to hear Kevin Brooks’s story. To think that a situation like that could happen to any high school kid is so crazy. The fact that most people I know now are driving and that car crashes are so common, it truly impacted all of us to be safe and aware of our actions”  – Sophia Brice

“Our first run at Arrive Alive was a tremendous success! Our guest speaker Kevin Brooks was truly inspirational and had a real connection with the students and teachers. I’m excited to see what next year has in store for Arrive Alive at BHS!”  – Alice Avetyan

“It was a pretty emotional week. It really opened my eyes to the dangers of intoxicated driving. My heart really went out to everyone who had been affected by distracted driving. I hope everyone can experience this.”  – Christi Zargaryan