Downed Officers' Program

downedOfficerMemorial The Downed Officers' Program was established to support families of fallen officers and to honor our heroes for their service and the ultimate sacrifice they made while serving and protecting their community.The BPF is committed to providing $500 to support the family of fallen officers in in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Ventura, and Kern County.

Your donation will help to support these families in their time of need.


2021 BPF Line of Duty Death Disbursements

Deputy Motor Sheriff Thomas Albanese
EOW - February 25, 2021
Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department

Officer Jose Luis Anzora
EOW - March 3, 2021
Los Angeles Police Department

Sergeant Dominic Vaca
EOW - May 31, 2021
San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department

2020 BPF Line of Duty Death Disbursements

Officer Andy Ornelas
EOW - December 2, 2020
CHP - Antelope Valley

2018 BPF Line of Duty Death Disbursements

Officer Greggory Casillas    
EOW - March 9, 2018
Pomona Police Department  

Sergeant Ron Helus
EOW - November 8, 2018
Ventura County Sheriff's Department 

Officer Toshio Hirai
EOW - November 15, 2018
Gardena Police Department 

2017 BPF Line of Duty Death Disbursements

Officer Keith Lane Boyer    
EOW - February 20, 2017
Whittier Police Department  

2016 BPF Line of Duty Death Disbursements

Sergeant Steven C. Owen    
EOW - October 5, 2016
Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department  

Jonathan Matias DeGuzman    
EOW - July 16, 2016
San Diego Police Department  

Michael Jason Katherman    
EOW - June 14, 2016
San Jose Police Department  

Officer Nathan Taylor    
EOW - March 13, 2016
CHP Gold Run Area 

Deputy Sheriff Scott Ballantyne
EOW - February 10, 2016
Tulare County Sheriff's Office

2015 BPF Line of Duty Death Disbursements

Officer Ricardo Galvez
EOW - November 18, 2015
Downey Police Department

Officer Bryce Edward Hanes
EOW - November 5, 2015
San Bernardino Police Department

Sergeant Scott Paul Lunger    
EOW - July 22, 2015
Hayward Police Department  

Officer David Joseph Nelson  
EOW - June 26, 2015
Bakersfield Police Department

Officer Michael Jeremiah Johnson
EOW - March 24, 2015
San Jose Police Department

Remembering Burbank's Finest - EOW

pavelkathumbOfficer Matthew Pavelka
EOW 11/15/2003
On November 15, 2003, Officer Matthew Pavelka was killed while responding to Officer Gregory Campbell’s call for backup. Two male subjects exited their vehicle, they both alighted firing automatic weapons. Both officers were wounded and transported to a local hospital, where Officer Pavelka died during surgery. Officer Pavelka had been in the field as a police officer for just ten months. Officer Pavelka joined the Air Force after graduating from high School. He served for five years as Military Policeman, received an Associate of Arts degree in Criminal Justice, and was intent on further-pursuing his education in his chosen field. Officer Pavelka was remembered by more than one of his fellow officers as a charming, light-hearted 26-year-old, with a crown of spiky orange hair, who loved being a cop.

kunkleOfficer Richard E. Kunkle
EOW 9/22/1961
Officer Kunkle died at St. Joseph Hospital after remaining unconscious with brain injuries for four days following an accident on his motorcycle in Burbank. The accident occurred at the northeast corner of Palm Avenue and Victory Boulevard as he pursued a traffic violator. The officer struck a curb while trying to avoid hitting a car. Three months prior to his death, Officer Kunkle received a letter of commendation from the City of Los Angeles for rescuing a woman from a burning building while off duty. Officer Kunkle had one of the longest motorcycle active service records. He also served four years in Anchorage, Alaska, before coming to Burbank. He served in the armed forces during World War II. He was wounded at the Battle of Bulge.

josephOfficer Joseph R. Wilson
EOW 6/17/1961
Officer Wilson was killed in a traffic accident while on duty. According to witnesses, Office Wilson had stopped for a red signal at the intersection of Buena Vista Street and Thornton Avenue. As he proceeded through the intersection, he was struck by a suspected drunk driver who had run a red light. Officer Wilson was one of the most popular men on the force. Assistant Police Chief, John McAuliffe, stated, “Officer Wilson was a superior officer and dedicated to his work, especially in traffic safety”. Officer Wilson was a Burbank Police officer for 3 ½ years.

badgeDeputy City Marshal Robert L. Normand
EOW 7/30/1920
On July 30, 1920, Deputy City Marshal, Robert L. Normand, was on duty when he requested assistance from Constable, Henry Purrier, to check three men driving a vehicle with the lights out. The two officers stopped the vehicle at Third Street and Tujunga Avenue. As the officers approached the vehicle, the occupants began shooting. Marshal Normand was killed instantly. Marshal Normand served Burbank from February 21, 1914 until his death.

badgeDeputy City Marshal Luther Colson
EOW 11/16/1914
On November 16, 1914, Deputy City Marshal, Luther Colson, was walking on the railroad tracks near what is now Victory Place and Lake Street. Several suspects started shooting at him from “The Willows.” Marshal Colson returned fire and after several shots, the suspects fled. Marshal Colson attempted to return to the downtown area, but he collapsed and was transported to a Burbank hospital where he later died.

badgeK-9 Officer “Dickie”
Killed in the line of duty 1992
We have only had one K-9 killed in the line of duty; Officer Bragdon’s partner, Dickie. That was a tragic day for the Burbank Police Department, as well as the community.  A canine officer and his K9 share good friendship and become great co-workers with a unique bond of loyalty that is impossible to describe. When an officer loses his K9 partner it can be devastating for the officer and his family and marks the end of an intense relationship that many say defies description.